About Us ...

SafeBits.com is a community project.  We are parents and other concerned adults who want to make safe and cool video and game content available for kids via the Internet.

It's no secret that many other popular internet video sites have a lot of questionable content.  Not only is a lot of it poor quality but in many cases it is inappropriate for young children and even many teens.  And security programs such as Net Nanny block them as a result.  Lots of Web gaming sites have these problems too.

SafeBits.com wants to make good quality video and game content available to all ages. At SafeBits, videos can only be uploaded and indexed by pre-registered individuals. And all videos are pre-screened by a secong party before being made available for public view.

And kids don't have to sign up to share their favorite videos with others with a quick email message!  No emails or email addresses of kids are saved. 

The games have also been pre-screened for fun, learning and motor-skill development. 

It's our goal to provide a fun, cool and safe alternative for Web video and game content for kids of all ages.

Want to submit videos? Sign Up here!

And feel free to email us at service@safebits.com with any questions or comments.